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IT 'at risk' from workers' devices

Northern Ireland employees could be putting work systems at risk through the use of personal mobile devices.

According to a report by network and security specialist ITogether, 59% of those surveyed in Northern Ireland use devices such as Android phones and iPads for work, with 60% connecting them to employers' IT systems.

The report claims careless personal use of networks is leaving businesses vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Simon Richardson of ITogether believes technology is causing people's personal and private lives to merge.

He said: "Workers expect their employer to foot the bandwidth costs for their personal devices, enabling them to do online banking, or access Facebook, for example, but flatly refuse to conform to their work security measures."

However, nearly all of those surveyed reacted positively to the idea of equipping employees with smart devices and over two-thirds would be happy to share the cost with their employer for a combined work/personal device.

It also emerged that technology already helps employees to maintain focus on their work, with around two-thirds of staff using their own devices to keep in touch with work outside of office hours, with the positive effects of social media for business highlighted.