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IT firm Allstate is on top in travel to work challenge

By Staff Reporter

Staff at IT giant Allstate Northern Ireland have emerged as the fittest in Belfast after a challenge held by walking and cycling charity Sustrans.

The charity had invited companies and other organisations to travel to work by foot or bike during May.

It said more than 16,000 journeys on foot or bike had been made by those taking part - and Allstate had been the most active in the large workplace category.

The Conservation Volunteers won in the smallest workplace category.

Over 50 workplaces registered for the challenge, which was held for the first time this year.

It was part of a wider Public Health Agency-funded project called Leading the Way with Active Travel.

Dr Eddie Rooney, chief executive of the Public Health Agency, said: "This has been a really important event to motivate people to get physically active. From a health perspective, the best thing you can do is to build activity into your life, which ultimately can save has an impact not just in the workplace but ripples through to our families.

"The Active Belfast Challenge has made a great start and we hope to build on its success."

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