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IT firm pledges support to our jobs initiative

By Amanda Poole

Consilium Technologies has announced it will create two new apprenticeships in response to the Belfast Telegraph '100 Jobs in 100 Days' campaign.

Chief Operating Officer Malcolm Thompson (below) said that, as an IT company competing for skills in Northern Ireland, it welcomes this newspaper's initiative to get people into apprentice roles.

The Belfast software firm has now been added to our roll of honour after confirming it will be creating two apprenticeships.

The headquarters of the business - which started up 26 years ago and currently employs just under 100 people - is at Pilot Point, Clarendon Road in Clarendon Dock.

A second office was opened in Boston, USA, three years ago; a number of staff work from home in Great Britain; and there are plans afoot to expand the workforce in the Republic of Ireland later this year.

"Over the last couple of years we have had some difficulty recruiting people with the skills we need," Mr Thompson said.

"100 Jobs in 100 Days is a great idea. We are delighted to be offering two apprenticeships."

Mr Thompson said his son has just finished university this year, so he understands that the job market is difficult at the moment and that there are many school leavers, graduates and unemployed people across Northern Ireland just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself.

He also explained that many of Consilium Technologies' current staff members have started at the bottom and worked their way up the ranks.

"We look forward to bringing the apprentices in and training them," Mr Thompson said.

"They will look at all areas of the business and then we will get them into a support role and project implementation.

"The majority of our people have risen up through the company and we want to keep that ethos," he added.

Mr Thompson said that his company had a very low turnover of staff and that the two new apprentices will be welcomed in and given as much guidance and support as they need.

"In IT, there are different types of software and each company is unique," he said.

"It will be great to bring people in at ground level, so they can understand the business, as well as the software being used.

"We have a new product called Total Mobile, to bring efficiency to workforces, so we are keen to get someone involved in that."