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IT staff feel pressure of change: new survey

By Staff Reporter

Pressure is growing on IT professionals who have to cope with high expectations of colleagues and the pace of technological change, a survey has found.

BT Business in Northern Ireland surveyed 82 companies with more than 30 employees for the report.

It found that nearly half of IT staff have to manage internal demands of other departments.

And nearly two-thirds said they were under growing pressure from colleagues to prove the business benefits of investing in IT.

IT staff were also anticipating that their roles would change - with 61% expecting upheaval in the next two years because of developments such as cloud computing.

Peter Russell, general manager of BT Business NI, said: "There are fundamental changes happening to the role of IT professionals here in Northern Ireland - from a position of managing and maintaining the IT system to a more significant and central role, as businesses look increasingly to IT to help them to deliver the organisation's business strategy and achieve the company's goals."

And the changing world of IT meant BT had now evolved from a telecoms and networks provider into providing "transformational IT services to business".

Just under 70% of respondents said they were already using cloud solutions.

And while they were having to use emerging technologies to manage other departments, they were also finding that there was pressure to reduce spending on IT.

A third felt that change to their role was being driven by personnel taking on IT activities such as digital marketing.

And 43% agreed that the role of the IT department and its staff will see rapid change in the near future.

But well over 90% felt any change in the future would be positive, with two-thirds saying that access to new technology would benefit them and drive greater productivity.

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