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It's serious playtime as childhood favourite Lego goes back to work

Andy Rebbeck, team manager at Allstate NI; Doug Safford, vice-president of architecture at Allstate; Alan Branagh, owner of The Insight factory and Opal Perry of Allstate at the Lego workshop.

A childhood playtime favourite has made its way into the workplace to stimulate the imagination of a new generation of users.

The coloured bricks, used to build houses, trains and planes by children worldwide, are now being used in workshops to help professionals reach their highest potential.

In companies like IT giant Allstate, the finer points of Lego Serious Play skill-building are teasing out and sharpening workforces' skills.

The lessons of LSP, which appear indistinguishable from the original, are being extolled by Alan Branagh's The Insight Factory, who led skill-building sessions with Allstate.

Mr Branagh said: "Lego is an excellent medium with multiple applications from which we can learn in a business environment.

"LSP is designed to encourage maximum performance from all employees and enable a behavioural and cultural transformation through an imaginative interactive, learning process.

"Allstate Northern Ireland employees are already prototyping, modelling and trialling products virtually so bringing them together to do it with a tool such as Lego makes bonds even stronger and skills even more finely-tuned."

Andy Rebbeck, team leader in Allstate in Northern Ireland, said: "Our goal from the LSP experience is to encourage and promote a spirit of collaborative skills across the company so that teams can work even more productively."

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