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Jamie teams up with Moy Park to bring TV dishes to store shelves

By Clare Weir

Campaigning TV chef Jamie Oliver has teamed up with Northern Ireland's biggest company to promote a new range of food offerings.

Jamie Oliver and Moy Park, the UK's largest producer of chicken, have linked up to develop higher welfare chicken products that will launch under the Jamie Oliver brand from June.

The range includes a version of the popular Empire Roast Chicken, from the TV show Jamie's Great Britain, as well as American barbecue chicken and a Jubilee Chicken Casserole.

The new product range will be stocked in retailers across the UK and Ireland from June 2012.

Moy Park, which has a major base in Ballymena, took first place in the Belfast Telegraph's Top 100 Companies last month.

Jamie Oliver said he is pleased to be working with the firm.

"Together, we've created a whole range of beautiful marinated dishes made from higher-welfare chicken," he said.