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January Edition of Business Month

Editor's Note

WELCOME to the first issue of Business Month for 2015, which promises to be an interesting year for Northern Ireland plc.

The Chancellor’s positive noises on corporation tax at the start of December paved the way for devolution of the levy - and politicians kept their side of the bargain by reaching a political and economic accord in the Stormont House Agreement just before Christmas.

But there have been plenty of warnings about banana skins along the way, especially the potential cuts to education contained in the draft budget.

Angela McGowan - who joins Richard Ramsey in Economy Watch - called out the Executive on the reality of their proposed cuts. And there’s no question that we do need our politicians to avoid sugarcoating the impact proposals for DEL cuts in particular will have on areas like apprenticeships and training.

Invest NI is also facing a very different 2015 after the successes of 2014 - our cover story looks at just how much tougher life is going to get on Bedford Street.

Paul Gosling’s Inside Report reminds us of the hard work which comes with a change to corporation tax...and we are also delighted to present a new column from Young Enterprise’s Aoidin Gormley on running a business.

And before I forget - Happy New Year

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