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Japan's output fell 2.6% last month

Japan's industrial output dropped last month - with production, shipments and inventory figures all decreasing - but government forecasters had predicted manufacturing and production would rebound this month and next, officials said.

The unemployment rate was unchanged in November from the previous month, at 4.5%, the government also announced.

Industrial output dropped 2.6% in November, according to the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry. It was the first decline in two months.

It said industries contributing most to the decrease were transport equipment, information and communication electronics and iron and steel. Cars and mobile phones were among the commodities adding to the decline.

The ministry described the data as "flat", and said manufacturing and production were expected to increase 4.8% in December and 3.4% in January.

The government also said the core Consumer Price Index fell 0.2% in November from year-earlier figures, its second consecutive monthly fall. The index, which does not include fresh foods, was 99.6 against the 2010 base of 100.