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Jedi Jim aims to share his skills with business leaders of the future

BBC Apprentice finalist Jim Eastwood has today announced Young Enterprise Northern Ireland as his official nominated charity for the next year.

The Cookstown man, who shot to fame during his time on The Apprentice for his witty one-liners, charm and cliches, will be working closely with the charity for the next 12 months to help thousands of young people across Northern Ireland find and develop their entrepreneurial spirit.

Young Enterprise NI (YENI), which is Northern Ireland's foremost business and enterprise education charity - this year celebrating its 25th Birthday - aims to promote the development of business skills in young people.

Jim, who revealed his passion for working with young people in the final of the hit show The Apprentice, said yesterday that he is excited to be working with Young Enterprise: "Working with young people in an educational environment is where I feel most at home. We are lucky here in Northern Ireland to have some fantastic young people and I get a real buzz from working alongside them and encouraging them to develop their entrepreneurial skills, so Young Enterprise NI seemed like an obvious choice for me when I was selecting a nominated charity.

"I am looking forward to working with some of the 90,000 young people that Young Enterprise serves each year."