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Jet2 confirms destination of new routes from Belfast International

Jet2 has confirmed the new routes to take off from Belfast International.

The airline will now fly to Antalya in Turkey, Costa De Almeria in Spain, the Greek island of Crete, Madeira, Malta, Naples in Italy, Paphos in Cyprus and Rhodes.

Jet2 already operates a number of flights to Spain, the Canaries and eastern Europe from Belfast.

The announcement is expected to create around 50 new jobs at the airport.

MP Danny Kinahan said: “The team at Belfast International Airport have again proved that opportunities exist for building tourism in Northern Ireland and I must congratulate them for their continued hard work in bringing so many new flights to Northern Ireland.

“As a member of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee at Westminster, I have ensured that all aspects of tourism in Northern Ireland, particularly our need to urgently address Air Passenger Duty, continue to be highlighted.

“If a more level playing field can be created for our airports, there is no question that visitor numbers could increase significantly.  In that scenario the case for an improved road link to the motorway and a rail connection to Belfast city centre from the International Airport at Aldergrove would be greatly strengthened.”

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