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Job listings bombshell raises concerns among employees

There were just 21 jobs listed for Larne this week - seven days after hundreds of workers for engineering firm FG Wilson were told they were facing the axe.

According to the official JobcentreOnline web page - run by the Department for Employment and Learning - there are currently 1,772 jobs available in Northern Ireland against the backdrop of rumours that up to 1,300 workers at the generator firm may be cut by 2014.

In June, the company said it was restructuring with about 260 job losses but last Thursday it was announced that 760 jobs were to go instead.

The firm said it is going to move 70% of one of its departments to China by the end of 2014, meaning the likelihood of over 1,000 job losses to a company that once employed 3,000 people across plants in Larne, Monkstown and Springvale in Belfast.

Redundancies are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Depressingly, yesterday, a week after the bombshell announcement was made, there were 21 jobs listed for Larne, 19 for Carrick, where many of the employees hail from, six in west Belfast and two in Monkstown.

Across Northern Ireland, there were 30 jobs available in the construction industry, 56 driving jobs, just 34 in the engineering and craft trades and 30 in the factory and production operatives sector.

On a brighter note, on the Belfast Telegraph's Jobfinder website, there were 2,491 jobs listed.

Some 442 of those listed were in County Antrim and 317 engineering jobs were available across Northern Ireland - with 91 engineering jobs available in Co Antrim.