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Jobs boost: 1000 new call centre positions for Belfast

Almost 1,000 customer service jobs are to be created as a new call centre comes to Belfast.

Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness appeared to temporarily set aside their differences as they welcomed the creation of the 993 jobs being created by Stream Global Services.

The US-based call centre company announced it was investing £3.3 million in its new Northern Ireland venture.

Both ministers spoke with one voice when they said the jobs boost by Stream would benefit the local economy.

Invest Northern Ireland and the Department for Employment and Learning have committed £3.3 million towards the creation of the new posts, which will pay salaries of between £14,000 and £18,000. Around 250 of the jobs will have salaries of around £30,000.

Invest NI offered £2.8 million of support while DEL has given £496,500.

More than half of the jobs are already in place.

Stream's chief executive, Kathy Marinello, said the company - which has more than 50 offices worldwide - was committed to bringing further jobs to the region.

Mr Robinson claimed Northern Ireland was beating all the other UK regions in attracting foreign direct investment.

Mr Robinson said: "It is absolutely fantastic and exactly what we need for Northern Ireland.

"To have so many of these jobs already in place at this new facility is fantastic news for us."

Mr McGuinness added: "Stream's investment underlines our ability to meet the needs of global companies.

"Its expansion is positive news for our economy and creates much-needed jobs that offer flexible employment and the opportunity to develop transferable skills.

"The jobs at this centre will benefit the whole economy through the generation of £14 million per annum in additional salaries."

Meanwhile, Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster said there was a high demand for the types of jobs created by Stream.

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