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John Demartini to headline Dublin Pendulum Summit


Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini

Motivational speaker, business consultant and author Dr John Demartini will be sharing his philosophy for success at a major convention in Dublin next month.

Dr Demartini will address the Pendulum Summit, themed Unleash Your Warrior Mindset, on January 12.

The summit at Dublin's Convention Centre on January 11 and 12, is the biggest business convention in Ireland.

Speaking to Business Telegraph from South Africa, having travelled there for a work engagement, Dr Demartini spoke enthusiastically about unlocking wealth potential, the theme of his talk.

"My talk will be about waking up the potential and power to serve more people more effectively and efficiently, to be able to increase the margins of the company, and raise the confidence level of self, employees and society," he said.

The human behavioural specialist, and founder of the Demartini Institute, is no stranger to Ireland, and addressed a group on corporate executive leadership in Dublin some months back.

"It was a fab group. The quality was top notch," he said.

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Dr Demartini, who has written around 10 books, including How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get In To Heaven, said his talks and advice lead to greater prosperity, citing his longevity on the motivational speaking scene.

"I've been blessed in speaking for 44 years in and out of hundreds of companies, and I don't think my business would have flourished without seeing thousands of people change their financial destinies through changing their perceptions and actions using my strategies," he said.

The nub of the Texan's philosophy is being true to your values and having a philosophy of serving others. "Every human being lives by a set of priorities or values - the things that are important to them. When they are perceiving actions in line with their highest values, their self-worth goes up, their accomplishments go up and their net worth goes up. That ensures that you are inspired to go to work and serve people.

"If you're not serving people and making a difference, you can't expect to achieve wealth. You have to care enough about humanity. You don't get to where you want to be on narcissism and greed, but service.

"Being too focused on yourself is a foolish endeavour."

Dr Demartini - who started his professional life as a chiropractor - has addressed groups all over the world, and has advised CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

He says his friend Bill Pollock, founder of international recruitment company Drake International, is the person who most fully embodies Dr Demartini's philosophy. "He once told me: 'I can't wait to go to work every day to make a difference.'

"He told me that he hasn't worked a day since 1951, when he set up the company. The CEOs who have that are unstoppable as are the people who have to work for them, and that has ripple effects for the economy."

Less able CEOs can "fall into pride and hubris". And some can experience a Damascene moment and turn their back on old ways - such as Bill Gates, according to Dr Demartini. The former Microsoft boss is now one of the world's biggest charitable givers but much of his career was dominated by a legal fight over Microsoft's dominance in computing.

"Bill Gates acted on his narcissistic side for many years and was involved in a long anti-trust legal battle before going into philanthropy and striking a beautiful balance between give and take," he said.

He says the most sustainable companies are those that have built up liquid capital, such as Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway. They have not only a big vision for business, but a big cushion to protect them against economic ravages.

And with one of the world's best-known businessmen soon to be President of the United States, does Dr Demartini have any advice for Donald Trump?

"He has got a lot of lessons to learn," said Dr Demartini, who lives close to New York's Trump Tower and has been in the company of the President-Elect

"He has to learn to be diplomatic to sustain his regime or he will be impeached. But he may mature and grow his skills and we'll find out if he can pull it off. I have seen him personally and he does have a soft side, but we have to see if he can learn."

Dr Demartini has addressed audiences in Ireland 20 times and says he sensed a crash was on its way in the 2000s. "It was all exuberant enthusiasms and no-one was seeing the downsides."

Globally, he agrees that politics has swung towards the right. "There is always oscillation between masculine and feminine forces, between the ego builder and the group dynamic. The US has veered between the socialistic urge to help the guy who's the common worker, towards the entrepreneur and conservative side. And in business, the wise manager integrates both sides."

Join Dr John Demartini, Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma and others at the Pendulum Summit, 'Unleash Your Warrior Mindset,' on January 11-12, at the Convention Centre in Dublin. Tickets on sale at www.pendulumsummit.com