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July Edition of Business Month

Margaret Canning

WELCOME to the July/August edition of Business Month, in which we consider the contentious issue of Scottish independence and the possible effect it might have on us if our cousins on the other side of the Irish Sea decide to go it alone.

Lots of the businesspeople we have spoken to have erred on the side of caution and are unwilling to commit to the 'yes' or 'no' camp.

They do concede that even ‘devo max’ — the form of self-governance which the Scots are likely to get in the event of a ‘no vote’ — will have a ripple effect on Northern Ireland. 

And they also acknowledge that come what may, we need to be prepared to make some changes to how we approach the Scottish market.

Plenty of business organisations have also found it a thorny issue to get involved in, with the CBI finding the going got really tough when they joined the ‘Better Together’ group.

But the head of one business body in Northern Ireland has declared his hand — please read on to discover his identity and consider whether you agree with his pro-independence views.

And at time of year when many of us are packing our suitcases for far-flung climes, Economy Watch considers the markets lying to the west and to the east.

Which leads me to wish you all a very happy and contented summer break.

See you in September.

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