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Just one in four women confident of getting rise in pay

By Alan Jones

Just one in four female workers is confident of receiving a pay rise over the next year, a new study has shown.

The figure is 3% lower than earlier this year, and compares with 40% of men expecting a higher salary.

The survey of 2,000 adults for jobs site Glassdoor also showed that women were less likely than men to leave a job over pay.

Jon Ingham of Glassdoor said: "Salaries are starting to move up but women risk getting left behind.

"While the economic news generally is more positive, this is a worrying development if it means female employees are being held back in their career and men are being treated more favourably."

It comes as figures for the first time show women are now more likely than men to see their finances deteriorate to such an extent that they are declared insolvent.

The insolvency rate for women overtook that for men in 2014.

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