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Just one in seven would privatise Royal Mail

By Alan Jones

The Government has been urged to drop Royal Mail privatisation plans after a new survey of 2,000 people showed most people wanted the postal service to remain publicly-owned.

Just one in seven polled by Labour leadership contender Ed Balls and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) said they supported the privatisation plan.

Just over half of Conservative voters and two-thirds of Liberal Democrats supported a fully publicly-owned Royal Mail.

The union has mounted a fresh campaign after the Government signalled its intention to introduce legislation paving the way for privatisation.

Mr Balls said: "Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union have made massive strides to agree tough modernisation plans which mean it has a long-term future in the public sector. With the economy so uncertain, it's unlikely to fetch a fair price and the taxpayer may still be expected to carry the burden of Royal Mail's pension deficit - a massive public handout to whoever bought the company.

"I will be campaigning to keep the post public and reject any proposals to sell it off."