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Kainos awarded major web deal with Whitehall

A Belfast IT services company has secured a major contract with the Government.

Kainos will have responsibility for the Home Office's web content management system, through its subsidiary, Causeway, which specialises in managed application systems.

It follows the success of the company division's previous work for the government department.

The contract comes as the Home Office prepares to drop its public-facing web content in line with the Transformational Government programme.

The government strategy, aimed at cutting its web costs, will see the department's website focus on corporate information.

Kainos will monitor the site to ensure it remains stable during times of peak traffic, such as during major incidents, political events or the unveiling of new policies. In a month the site can receive up to 1.5m page views.

Project management and technical team leader at the Home Office Emma Charles said Kainos had been chosen to ensure service continuity.

"It says something that, in the last nine months, we've only seen a single Priority 1 incident. We used to have a lot more than that," she said.

"Our relationship with Kainos Causeway is very strategic. Although we have a technical team, it is by no means as big or diverse as what Kainos can offer."

With only one developer on their in-house team, Emma said Kainos would also be able to absorb further development work.

Established in 1986, Kainos is a spin-off of Queen's University, starting life as a joint venture between Fujitsu and the university's business incubation unit (QUBIS).

Headquartered in Belfast, the company also has offices in Dublin, London and Gdansk .


The number of monthly page views the Home Office site can receive