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Kainos hopes for new deals from India

By John Mulgrew

Belfast tech firm Kainos says it's "opportunistic" about potential new business in India as the company joined Prime Minister Theresa May on her first trip to the region.

Brian Gannon, Kainos corporate development director, said the visit had come about due to its "instrumental" role in helping transform IT services.

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He said while it has no immediate plans to expand into India, it could be a possibility in future.

"We want to promote the UK's leading role as a digital economy.

"Part of our objective is to be associated as one of the most innovative (firms) in the UK.

Speaking about business opportunities, he said: "You never can tell... some of our products are transferable into the Indian markets. We will be opportunistic in markets, and we will be opportunistic in doing business in India, but it's unlikely we would establish a base any time soon."

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