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Keep your meetings short, Northern Ireland boss Michael O'Neill tells business community

By Staff Reporter

After guiding the Northern Ireland football team to Euro 2016, Michael O'Neill has been sharing his tips for leadership success with the business community.

More than 250 people attended a breakfast at the new-look Windsor Park in Belfast, organised by the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce.

Mr O'Neill, who spent several years working in the financial services industry between finishing his playing career and entering football management, told the audience his style had been shaped by his time both inside and outside football.

He said he had picked up lots of tips from the various football managers he had worked under, and explained how working outside football had given him a great insight into how good man management can deliver results.

His top tips? Stay relaxed and keep meetings short, punchy and packed with visual effects.​

The event also featured a panel discussion on leadership and the business of sport.

Paul Stapleton, general manager at sponsors Electric Ireland, said: "Sport is a powerful metaphor for business, and there are some striking parallels. Fierce competition, winning by sometimes the smallest margins, achieving goals and targets, establishing long-term and short-term strategies and tactics, hard work, perseverance, teamwork, dealing with success and recovering from failure and setbacks - those are all key challenges in both worlds."

Next month, the Chamber will host former Ireland and Munster rugby captain Paul O'Connell who is the guest speaker at a sell-out dinner which will be held in the Waterfront conference centre in Beflast.

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