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Kids' drug education game to hit US market

A digital entrepreneur is in talks with educational authorities in the USA to sell his computer game which educates children on the dangers of drugs, alcohol and obesity.

Newcastle man Aaron Gibson (21) set up his games design company 'YumPod Technologies' at 18 and invented 'You vs The World' for children and teenagers.

An accompanying website is designed to fit into the school curriculum, and has already been accepted into over 300 schools in England, Scotland and Wales, with plans afoot to roll the game out in Northern Ireland schools shortly.

A 'parents platform', which allows mums and dads to download the game for kids to use at home and monitor progress is also included.

"'You vs the World' is a new game-based way of teaching lessons which will be valuable to young people as they navigate their way through the challenges of growing up, while also allowing them to have fun playing the computer games which kids love," said Mr Gibson.

"Our team of developers has created an interface which parents have access to, using a traffic light system to control the platform, monitor progress, keeping up to date on all the latest features, and give yourself general peace of mind about your child's health education. The program comes fully equipped with downloadable guides to help parents on their way.

"The subject matter and skills to be learned are presented in a playful and exciting way.

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"Kids will be encouraged to get involved in having discussions with their parents while having plenty of fun at the same time."