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Kilkeel revival: Schoolchildren learning old trades as experts pass on their knowledge

AMONG the many plans for Kilkeel through the collaborative network are a training school for fishermen and for those interested in working in the offshore industries.

For the first time in many years, Alan McCulla, from the company Sea-Source, said that he has been invited to local schools to talk to pupils about fishing as a career – an occupation previously seen by many as a throwback to the past.

A multitude of skills and services including shipbuilding, painting and fuel supply also exist in the village.

Some of the other businesses involved in the collaborative network are Automar, a specialist in marine diesel engines, and plumbers WE Elliot & Sons.

Trevor Graham & Sons works in marine painting while Carlingford Lough Pilots, the only licensed pilots for the Carlingford area, operate tug and towing services, which could be crucial during the construction phases of building wind farms.

Investment in the Irish Sea alone is predicted to reach £20bn over the next 10-to-15 years and contracts for work including operation, maintenance and guarding could all be up for grabs.

JN Hire hopes to offer a range of equipment and employs both electrical and mechanical engineers.

James Perry & Sons is hoping to offer business and storage units and DR Diesel specialises in vessel maintenance.

And it's not just those who work at sea who can benefit.

Gregory Nicholson owns an airstrip and also runs Nicholson Decomissioning Ltd.

He forsees flying surveyors and business people in and out of the area as well as supplying parts and components.

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