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Kilwaughter Holdings has subsidiaries in NI and Republic

Company Report

Kilwaughter Holdings is a family-owned parent company for a group including subsidiaries in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, trading originally as Kilwaughter Chemicals. The business of the group is described as limestone quarrying and mineral processing.

Quarrying of limestone has long been a feature of places near the east coast of Co Antrim and this group may now be the main, continuing limestone quarrying business.

In addition to its trading business, the group also holds a significant proportion of its assets in investments and in investment property. These investments contribute to pre-tax profits.

In the financial year to April 2016 the group posted an impairment charge arising from its fixed assets of £1.4m and arising from investment property of £0.2m.

Turnover for the group has increased steadily in the last three years from £25m in 2013-14 to nearly £30m more recently. The increases in turnover have been linked to proportionate increases in operating profits but, with some asset disposals and the more recent impairment of assets, pre-tax profits have increased more slowly.

The group seems to have a careful phased policy in setting dividend payments. In 2015-16 dividends of £1.5m were decided. Remaining post-tax profits were retained in the group as an increase in reserves.

Employment numbers averaged 130 in 2015-16, which was an increase of 11 in the year and a further increase of employment compared to three years ago.

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