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Labour: Tories can save UK Nestle jobs for £1m after finding £1bn to protect May

Ministers should spend £1 million to save 300 Nestle jobs after finding £1 billion to protect Theresa May's position, Labour has said.

Shadow international trade minister Bill Esterson cited claims by the GMB union that the company could keep production of the Blue Riband chocolate biscuit in the UK and protect jobs for a one-off investment of around £1 million.

C onfectionery giant Nestle announced in April its plans to cut 298 jobs at four sites, including York and Fawdon, Newcastle, to enable changes to shift patterns at factories and move Blue Riband production to Poland.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Esterson hit out at the Prime Minister's £1 billion deal with the DUP to prop up her minority administration following the General Election.

He said: " Why has the Government done nothing to stop Nestle from moving production from the United Kingdom to Poland, with the loss of 300 jobs?

"The Government confirmed this week in a written answer that ministers met Nestle in April.

"Nestle says it'll take an investment of £1 million to keep production in the UK.

"£1 billion to save one job in Downing Street but they can't find £1 million to save 300 jobs at Nestle. Unbelievable."

International Trade Minister Mark Garnier replied: " (Rachael Maskell, Labour MP for York Central) has been working very hard on behalf of her constituents in terms of trying to help with the redundancies at Nestle, as has the Department for Work and Pensions.

"We are very happy to meet with Nestle."

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