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Lagan Construction International wins three new military airport contracts worth £40m


Pleased: Colin Loughran

Pleased: Colin Loughran

Pleased: Colin Loughran

Belfast civil engineering firm Lagan Construction International has won three new military airport contracts worth £40m.

The company, which is part of Lagan Construction Group, will carry out work in Gilbratar and Cyprus for Defence Infrastructure Organisation valued at a combined £31m.

It is also Florida-bound after winning a deal with the US Naval Facilities Engineering Command for runway repairs at a field in Milton in the state. 

Lagan Construction Group is based in Belfast and employs 421 people.  In its latest accounts for year ending March 31 2014, the company had pre-tax profits of £4.834m.

Colin Loughran, CEO of Lagan Construction Group, said: “Having completed projects on over 50 airports across 5 continents, airport infrastructure works are a core part of our business and our teams are experienced in providing the engineering skills and technologies necessary to deliver both airside and groundside support facilities. 

“We have a fully committed team to ensure the contracts are delivered with the highest safety standards, within programme and cost requirements.”

In Gilbraltar, Lagan Construction Group staff will be upgrading the current surface of the 6,000 ft runway at the RAF base, as well as the  airfield ground lighting, with the work to be finished in January next year. 

 In Cyprus, Lagan Construction International will work in a joint venture with Iacovou Brothers on RAF Akrotiri base in Cyprus, with work to be finished by January 2017. 

 The Florida project will involve reconstruction of runways, and will take a year to finish.  Lagan Construction International will produce 100,000 US tons of hot-mix asphalt by installing its own batch plant on-site. 

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