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Lagan make real assault on market

The coldest winter in 30 years has driven a new venture for one of Northern Ireland’s biggest road building companies.

Lagan Projects, part of Lagan Group, set up a new salt import and distribution business which has supplied 40,000 tonnes of salt for treating roads across the Republic so far this winter. Just 8,000 tonnes had been estimated for its first winter of operation.

Gerry Cawley (right), managing director of Lagan Projects, said: “There is no doubt the severe weather has created very favourable circumstances for the launch of this business and we are delighted the level of demand has enabled us to establish supply relationships.”

But he said the demand for salt had been so high across Northern Europe that the company had to look far afield. “We have had to source salt supplies from as far away as Africa and eastern Europe. Our ability to provide customers in Ireland with salt when other sources of supply were drying up has been a major coup for us. And, if the cold weather continues in March and into early April, we may well need to bring in another shipment.”