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Leadership training in co-ops vital, says report

That's according to Nuffield scholar, dairy farmer Jason Rankin, who has just published a report on how dairy co-operatives need to develop.

Speaking at the Stormont launch of his Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report, he said effective leadership is needed if dairy co-operatives are to meet the challenge of a fast-changing business world.

"This brings into play three key dynamics - election, education and evaluation. If one or more of these criteria is not being effectively addressed then an entire organisation runs the risk of not succeeding," he told farming leaders.

"Co-operatives are a vital component of the dairy industry worldwide. They provide a stable market for a perishable product.

"Co-operatives must recruit and select the very best members they have onto their boards and then train them continually with regular evaluation of individual directors and the entire board's performance. Training needs to start way before a person gets near the board of a co-op," he said.