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Leave campaign highlights JCB chairman's backing for Brexit

The Leave campaign has seized on JCB chairman Lord Bamford's backing for Brexit as proof that business supports withdrawal from the European Union.

Lord Bamford has written to all JCB employees to explain why he is in favour of quitting the EU.

The businessman says he supported joining the Common Market but did not back it turning into a political union.

Stating that more than half of Britain's trade is with non-EU countries, Lord Bamford warns that the EU has a shrinking share of world trade.

"No one can be certain of the outcome. One thing I am certain of is this: JCB will continue to trade with Europe irrespective of whether we remain or leave the EU.

"JCB was selling into Europe long before the UK joined the Common Market in 1973, and it will remain an important market for JCB," Lord Bamford wrote.

The JCB chairman told workers it was up to them how they voted, but they should vote one way or the other in the referendum.