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Licence issued for university's cost-saving seats

By Clare Weir

The University of Ulster has granted an exclusive licence to manufacture and market a revolutionary new seating system that could save the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The licence follows eight years of research and development work by leading University of Ulster rehabilitation scientists Dr Alison Porter-Armstrong and Dr May Stinson from the Institute of Nursing and Health Research.

The Easi Seating System, offering a new level of adjustability and utility, is the first product from the university's School of Health Sciences to reach the market, and the scientists paid tribute to the university's Office of Innovation in steering the idea from research labs to the marketplace.

LifeScienceHub has been granted the licence to make and distribute the product.

Dr Porter-Armstrong said that health care providers spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on bespoke seating every year and that specially-tailored chairs are rarely re-used once the original patient no longer requires it.

"The new modular system will enable every aspect of the chair to be individually adjusted to the user – and can be readjusted for other users," the doctor said.

"That flexibility will mean a much longer useful life for the product, giving greater value to users and to purchasers."

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