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Lidl will pay staff in Northern Ireland higher voluntary living wage

By John Mulgrew

Lidl is to pay the voluntary Living Wage of £8.45 an hour and £9.75 in London, higher than the statutory rate, to thousands of its workers.

The German supermarket chain, which employs around 800 staff across 38 stores here, will introduce the increase in March.

The £8.45 is a voluntary minimum hourly wage, which is higher than the Government's own so-called 'living wage'.

The move will benefit the 19% of staff earning the current wage of £8.25 an hour, the supermarket said.

It's the first supermarket here to bring in the wage.

Maeve McCleane, HR director of Lidl in Northern Ireland, said: "Key to our success in Lidl Northern Ireland is the dedication shown by our team across all levels of our organisation and we are delighted to be able to introduce the increased living wage of £8.45 to entry level employees.

"Having the best paid team in the sector is something we pride ourselves on.  While this move will require an investment on our part we also want to reassure our customers that it will not lead to price increases. Customers can rest assured that they will still get the highest quality products at better value than our competitors."

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