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Lisburn vodka maker drinks to large Sainsbury's deal

By John Mulgrew

A potato vodka produced in Co Antrim is now being sold at Sainsbury's stores here. RubyBlue Irish Potato Vodka was launched by Hughes Craft Distillery in Lisburn in 2015.

Now the award-winning spirit will be available at 13 Sainsbury's stores across Northern Ireland.

Hughes Craft Distillery was set up in 2010 by husband and wife team Stuart and Barbara Hughes. It also makes RubyBlue berry liqueurs in wild cranberry, wild blueberry, wild blackcurrant and chilli pepper.

Mrs Hughes said: "When people taste our potato vodka they tell us that it doesn't have the harshness experienced from other vodka brands and it's the nicest vodka they've tasted.

"When they try our signature vodka served with a dash of white lemonade, sprig of fresh thyme, and a slice of green apple, they're converted."

Aside from the latest deal, the vodka is also exported to countries such as Russia, Austria, Australia and Finland. The RubyBlue range of fresh fruit liqueurs will also be available to purchase in Sainsbury's this month. Last year the vodka maker also secured a contract to supply Asda in Northern Ireland.

The deal means that the firm's RubyBlue collection of three premium vodka and fruit liqueurs will be available at the supermarket's 17 stores here.

Hughes is the only fruit liqueur producer on the island and has picked up awards for its fruit infusions over the last six years.

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