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Livestock sector firm beefs up its image

By Clare Weir

A Craigavon company which is one of the largest livestock equipment wholesalers in the British Isles is aiming to gain a further market share by attending a renowned trade fair in England next week.

Agrihealth, which sells the 'cream' of farming products, including cowcams and hoof washers, will be hosting a stall at the 2010 Dairy Event and Livestock Show NEC Birmingham.

The event, being held on September 7 and 8, has attracted leading milking producers from across Europe since 1876.

Agrihealth sales manager William Hurst said that cow cameras and hoof trays will be among the products being displayed.

"We distribute over 3,000 products to the agricultural supply trade and vets across the UK from hi-tech distribution facilities at Silverwood Industrial Area, just a few minutes from the M1 motorway," he said.

"At the Dairy Event our technical sales staff will be on hand to discuss and demonstrate the cream of livestock equipment from around the world,

"For example, the Swedish CowCam camera allows farmers to check on cows in calving pens up to 800 metres distant using a hand held LCD monitor.

"Launched on the UK market this past winter CowCams have proved very popular and strong sales growth is predicted as autumn calving beings.

"Vink Hoof Trays from the Netherlands are another product sourced to meet industry demands.

"Lameness in dairy herds is both an animal welfare and financial issue, typically costing farmers £180 an animal in vet's bills and lost production.

"The Vink Hoof Tray developed by the Dutch offers an easily operated and installed means of preventing and treating lameness."