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Lloyds bank boss admits 'I overdid it'

By Catherine Wylie

The boss of Lloyds Banking Group has admitted he "overdid it" trying to turn around the bank before sleep problems eventually forced him into a temporary leave of absence.

Antonio Horta-Osorio said a specialist had told him his "battery was in effect so run down it was virtually on zero".

He went to the Priory clinic for a week to rest, he told a daily newspaper. The firm announced Mr Horta-Osorio would be returning to his job on January 9.

Recalling the time prior to being signed off work in late October, Mr Horta-Osorio said: "When I became chief executive in March I had a very clear idea of what had to be done. I threw myself into the job.

"There were very many issues to be tackled. I focused too much on too many details."

Mr Horta-Osorio said he was not going to work any less, just differently, by detaching himself from Lloyds' day-to-day running to focus on strategy.