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London attracts record number of new breweries

The number of new breweries opening in London has reached a new high of 36, a study has shown.

The 24% increase in the past year reflects the growing popularity of craft beer and "boutique" food and drink products.

Accountancy group UHY Hacker Young said its research showed a slight fall in new breweries in the rest of England, but increases in other parts of the UK.

James Simmonds of UHY Hacker Young said: "Craft beer has quickly become the drink of choice for pub-goers, especially in London which has cemented its position at the centre of the UK's craft beer industry.

"It's not surprising that London has such a large amount of new microbreweries, with the high numbers of young professionals working within the City.

"Because craft beer is viewed as a luxury good, customers are prepared to pay a higher price in comparison to other more commercially branded beers."