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London mayor says UK has rejected Tories' Brexit plan

By David Hughes

Theresa May needs to "wake up and smell the coffee" and accept that the British public has rejected her plans for Brexit, Sadiq Khan said.

The London mayor said the UK should remain in the single market and warned that any deal which resulted in a blow to the capital's economy would make the country as a whole poorer.

The Conservatives lost their overall majority in the election called by the Prime Minister in an attempt to strengthen her hand in the Brexit talks.

Mr Khan, who campaigned for a Remain vote in the referendum a year ago, said: "I have said all along I accept the verdict of the British public to leave the EU.

"What I don't accept is that the British public voted to make us poorer and for successive generations to be poorer. The Prime Minister has got to wake up and smell the coffee, which is the result of the general election.

"The British public have rejected the Tory extreme hard Brexit. They want a Brexit deal that doesn't make us poorer. That means access to the single market. That means a continued ability to attract talent."

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