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Loss-making Shannon Airport offers olive branch to Ryanair after row

A loss-making airport in the Republic of Ireland has offered an olive branch to Ryanair in a bid to attract new investment for both.

Ryanair and management of Shannon Airport have been at odds for several weeks after the short-haul airline was forced to pay a €3.7m legal settlement for breaking a previous contract.

Earlier this week, Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary gatecrashed a lunch where the beleaguered airport was the main topic of conversation among business leaders. A recent offer by Ryanair to bring 1m passengers to the airport has also been rejected.

But last night Vincent Cunnane, a director of the Shannon Airport Authority (SAA), issued an open invitation to Mr O'Leary to talk to airport management about new business.

"Michael O'Leary is welcome in the offices of both the SAA and the DAA (Dublin Airport Authority). Let's talk - the door is always open," Mr Cunnane said.

"We have had our issues now over the past few months with the court case and rhetoric on both sides.

Michael Vaughan, Shannon branch chairman of the Irish Hotels Federation, said megaphone diplomacy between Shannon Airport and Ryanair has to end.