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Lunch isn't for wimps: Avenue Bean, Royal Avenue, Belfast

The newest coffee shop on Royal Avenue, appears to have decamped from across the street, bringing with it most of the fixtures, fittings and eye-catching wall adornments of its predecessor, Grand Central.

It's a smaller, lighter and airier venue but with the same wooden floors, the same huge comfy sofas inside and the same barstools and barrels outside as well as large picture windows for crowd-spotting. Food-wise, the menu boasts that everything is made on the premises with fresh ingredients from local suppliers. Nothing costs more than £5 and prices range from under £2 for scones, traybakes and bacon butties and up to larger dishes like chicken pie, lasagne, quiche, baked potatoes and a 'pasta of the day' all for £4.95 and served with fresh salad and a drink. There are also sandwiches starting at just over £3 and soup for £3.50 - with the option of combining both for under a fiver. It being a sunny day, a salad was ordered, chosen from the ingredients displayed in the chill counter. A large plate with green leaves, potato salad, two types of pasta, egg, cheese and tomatoes teamed with a bottle of sparkling water rang in at a surprisingly low £3.50. There is also a large selection of coffees and herbal teas to choose from. Well worth the prices and well worth checking out.