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Lunch isn't for wimps: Boojum


Boojum boasts healthy fast food

Boojum boasts healthy fast food

Boojum boasts healthy fast food

It was around about the third bite of my first Boojum burrito that I realised I'd stumbled across one of the greatest taste sensations to arrive in Northern Ireland for years.

That first taste of authentic Mexican cuisine was a while ago but even now, after countless burritos, the odd taco and even one frozen margarita, the brilliance of the place never fails to impress.

Constructed from freshly cooked meat (shredded pork, shredded beef, chicken, steak and a vegetarian option which I've managed to avoid so far), soured cream, cheese, salsa and a dousing of chilli sauce, the average burrito is a thing of beauty and rarely leaves room for seconds.

And for those of a calorie counting persuasion, it certainly doesn't seem to be off the scale and much healthier than many other so-called fast food options.

The first Boojum was opened on Belfast's Botanic Avenue - where I dined - by husband and wife team John and Karen and has since expanded to Chichester Street in the city.

The emphasis is on casual dining with no waiter service but instead a queueing system in front of the expert burritotistas (a new word I've just made up) who'll help guide you through the myriad of choice and make sure your chilli sauce won't accidentally blow your head off.

But no matter which mix of options you choose, you won't be disappointed as is a true gem and will soon be gracing the top of your 'I can't be bothered to cook tonight' lists.