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Lunch isn't for wimps: Cafe Renoir

Cafe Renoir, 5-7 Queen Street, Belfast

For a proper lunchtime getaway from the office, nothing compares to Cafe Renoir. The Queen Street stalwart, sandwiched between two halves of the Faith Mission Bookshop, could be described as the grand dame of Belfast cafes. It has the reassuring atmosphere of an old-fashioned department store cafe, right down to the (disused) old-fashioned lift at the entrance. The menu ranges from soups, sandwich staples to full main courses, and a dessert section. But it is in an enviable array of traybakes that Cafe Renoir really comes into its own. Such is the hustle and bustle of this first floor cafe that you'll probably not get much work done. If it's a convivial atmosphere and good service you're after, then look no further.