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Lunch isn't for wimps: Cecil's Sandwich Bar, Bridge Street, Belfast


Cecil's Sandwich Bar, Bridge Street, Belfast

Cecil's Sandwich Bar, Bridge Street, Belfast

Cecil's Sandwich Bar, Bridge Street, Belfast

As names go, Cecil's does exactly what it says on the tin if you're looking for a sandwich in Belfast city centre.

I've dandered past this spot on Bridge Street a million times and often wondered if its regular queue out the door is a sign of popularity or slow service. Having often pledged to visit, but never doing it, I was stopped in my tracks one day when I noticed there was no queue at the exact same moment my tummy started to growl. So I stepped over the threshold to find a cosy little cafe boasting a menu of pit-stop sandwiches, as expected, as well as paninis, Irish stew and heart-warming soup. The service was swift, efficient and friendly and I was looking round for a seat within two minutes, armed with a made-up egg and onion sandwich and a cuppa. Good old comfort food. For someone dining solo, like me, one of the stools at a bar looking out the front window is a glorious spot to get lost in a work-free bubble and watch the world go by.

The generous filling came on deliciously soft bloomer bread but looked a bit stark all alone on its big white plate and could really have done with a little salad or nacho accompaniment to jazz it up a bit. All the same, I devoured it and savoured my tea while checking out yer woman's shoes and yer man's funny hairdo as they trotted past on my own personal catwalk of the world. Behind me, lunch hour was kicking into full swing and the regular queue built up once more. I squeezed past to head back to the office, glad to have finally laid to rest my question on why Cecil's always has a queue.