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Lunch isn't for wimps: El Burrito Mexican Hot Food Bar, Jordanstown


Brilliant burritos spice up your life

Brilliant burritos spice up your life

Brilliant burritos spice up your life

If food had a fashion sense, then burritos are in vogue at the minute.

Despite my culinary tastes, I wasn't so up to date in the fashion food stakes as I had yet to try a burrito.

I had heard about a newly opened El Burrito Mexican Hot Food Bar in Jordanstown and decided to put my tastebuds to the test.

The brightly coloured surroundings hit me as soon as I entered.

The cafe was spotlessly clean - I mean you could literally eat your dinner off the floor.

The bright green and purple decor gave the food bar a quirky feel.

The ingredients are all on show, and you can choose your fillings - with everything looking delicious it was difficult to decide.

I chose a burrito tortilla filled with rice, chicken, pinto beans, cheese and medium salsa.

My friend chose a fajita tortilla filled with chicken, rice, peppers, onions, and medium salsa.

The dishes were huge and we both had difficulty in finishing them.

The ingredients are obviously cooked freshly and hot sauces are available to spice up your life.

There is no doubt that I will return and when I do, I will step up my game and try the jalapeno or hot chipotle salsa - just to put some fire in my belly.

The total cost including two soft drinks was £11.50.