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Lunch isn't for wimps: Nick’s Warehouse, Hill Street, Belfast


Nick’s Warehouse, Hill Street, Belfast

Nick’s Warehouse, Hill Street, Belfast

Nick’s Warehouse, Hill Street, Belfast

The term stalwart is bandied about these days too often. But it embodies the contribution a certain Belfast-based chef has brought both to local cuisine and to the prosperity of the area around his flagship restaurant.

When Nick Price started the aptly-named Nick’s Warehouse in 1989 there were plenty of raised eyebrows, firstly in surprise at the choice of location, but then in surprise at the fantastic local food being served.

Since then, the standard of the food hasn’t wavered while the surrounding area has been renamed the Cathedral Quarter and adopted a chic atmosphere which attracts plenty of hungry lunching types. Now, you may wonder why such a high class joint is being featured in a column largely devoted to the grab-and-run type of lunch which is the only option for those of us on the business desk but when deadlines aren’t looming Nick’s can make a pleasant change.

Mains tick all the right boxes with steak, seabass or butternut squash and pinto bean stew ensuring everyone’s is catered for. An array of salads and cold cuts make for a tasty alternative. If time or pennies are tight then there’s no reason to keep on walking down Hill Street because you could easily have the sandwich for £3.60 or indeed the soup and a roll for £3.50. I know, for £3.50 you can have your lunch in one of the best restaurants in town.

What’s not to like?