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Lunch isn't for wimps: Olive Coffee House, Sugar Quay, Newry

The building beside the canal in Newry, this is a popular eatery serving breakfast, lunch and evening meals.

There are frequent exhibitions and paintings displayed on the walls are always for sale, while a shop upstairs also sells arts and crafts.

As the name may suggest, the fare is distinctly Mediterranean with Italian breads, bowls of olives, bruschettas, pizza and pastas all featuring on the menu.

Breakfasts hover between the £2-£4 mark, hot bread-based dishes and salads are between £5-£6 and the most expensive of the specials including quiche, stew and lasagne working out at £7.

There are also speciality coffees and teas and a wide selection of cakes and buns.

As it was a so-called light lunch, we skipped the mouth-watering array of savoury dishes and went for a chocolate brownie and a blueberry muffin washed down with a cappucino and a green tea chai, the latter being a highlight of our visit. The bill came to around £10.

The clientele on the day was a mix of yummy mummies out to lunch, arty types sitting over skinny lattes and the local vet, popping out for a breather from a very busy Monday surgery. Would now be an inopportune time to mention I was in Newry to see a man about a dog?