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Lunch isn't for wimps: Subway, Lisburn

By Louise Small

I avoided this fast food joint for a long time having convinced myself it would not tantalise my tastebuds.

But after a bit of persuasion from a dear friend whilst on a shopping expedition in Lisburn, the wall came down and I broke every one of my self-made rules.

I decided to give it a whirl.

I followed my friend's lead and ordered a BMT, a sub filled with ham, salami and salad and one which has an abbreviation I didn't ever get to the bottom of.

But no matter, I chose the sweet onion sauce, which certainly deserves a thumbs-up.

I was ready to devour the ominous sounding "footlong", when my dear friend looked at me aghast and told me it was "hardly lady-like".

But as she daintily nibbled her six-inch sub, I polished mine off in less than three minutes.

"How did I avoid this place for so long?" I asked her.

The subs are all prepared freshly in front of you, and with a choice of fillings and salad, with a sauce to make your concoction one of a kind, I was in Subway heaven.

That very week I returned to Subway three times, I left my dear friend at home and happily munched my way through a multitude of footlongs, with no one to judge me.

I now find it difficult driving past and have even gone so far as to sign up to a loyalty card.

What has become of me?