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Lunch isn't for wimps: The Apartment, Donegall Sq West, Belfast

By Louise Small

Within 24 hours of arriving home from my holiday, with the bittersweet taste of sangria very much fresh in my mind - I coerced my friend to come holiday shopping.

With plans of another holiday within weeks falling flat after the outrageous lack of last-minute deals, we headed to The Apartment for lunch instead.

The Apartment offer a great two-course menu for £13.95 including a glass of wine.

We both opted for the Smoked salmon starter with beetroot mousse, rye bread and gherkins. The starter was fantastic, the mousse was something I would usually screw my face up and stick my tongue out to, but it was delightfully tasty.

The thick slices of smoked salmon were fresh and plentiful, it would actually make a great main course if it was a little bit bigger.

I ordered a medium 8oz Northern Irish ribeye for my main course with roast plum tomato, fries and a choice of pepper sauce and it came up to my expectations, my friend on the other hand ordered the bacon chop with garlic baby potatoes.

She wasn't best pleased, complaining it was too salty to eat.

The manager was gracious when we brought it to his attention - to be honest he was fantastic.

He informed us the chef agreed the chop was salty and offered us both a dessert on the house.

I chose the chocolate pudding with honeycomb ice cream and my friend had carrot cake, which she devoured shamelessly. We finished off the meal with our wine and two strawberry daiquiri cocktails.

The bacon chop was taken off our bill - after having two complimentary desserts, we did not expect this.

The service was impeccable and the laid back retro feel of The Apartment was a hit.

Total £36.