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Lunch isn't for wimps: The Chippie, North Street, Belfast

Just when you thought this column had broken free of the 'we can't go further than 200 yards away from Lunch isn't for wimps HQ' mantra, we're going to bring you right back to Royal Avenue with a bump.

The reason for keeping it local was, in this instance, the fact the entertainment had come to us in the form of Culture Night in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter, an area that this office sits on the edge of.

With a vast array of entertainment right on our doorstep, it would have been churlish to go home straight after work so instead we headed for a bite to eat before launching into the culture (I know this would suggest this column would be better called "Tea/Dinner isn't for wimps" but this particular establishment doesn't operate a separate menu and also, the pun wouldn't work).

The Chippie on North Street is, as its name suggests a chip shop, and a fine one at that.

This might strike you as obvious but in my humble experience some chip shops don't really try hard on their signature dish, using the dreaded frozen chips rather than going to the effort of peeling a few spuds.

Not so at The Chippie where the chips are freshly cut and fried to perfection so as to complement the array of savoury favourites on offer.

I had the chicken fillet burger which was just the ticket to set me up for a night of songs from West Side Story and random street singing.

My fellow diners had chosen to dip their taste buds in everything from fish and chips to gravy chips while the flotilla of children which came along with them were served with good humour by the friendly staff and all reported a fine meal.

A great time was had in The Chippie by all and it came as no surprise to find that Rihanna had stopped into the shop to record her video a couple of days after our visit. If reports are to be believed, her and her entourage ordered 75 fish suppers.