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Lunch isn't for wimps: The Printers' Cafe


Printers Cafe, Donegall Street

Printers Cafe, Donegall Street

Ian Magill.

Printers Cafe, Donegall Street

As this feature gathers speed you'll notice the business desk venturing further and further from our Royal Avenue base. This isn't in anyway a reflection of a reluctance to sample the delights of lunch venues in other parts of Belfast or across Northern Ireland.

We're merely running with the idea that we should really cover those establishments which we know best, and believe me, this desk knows its sandwiches.

This week it was off, appropriately enough, to the Printers' Cafe on Donegall Street, a brisk walk from business HQ.

Although tempted by the chance to sit down and rest some weary business bones in the cosy restaurant, a busy news list meant there was only time to pop in for a sandwich and a chat. A large selection of top quality and fresh ingredients mean Printers' sandwiches are top notch and climb into that special bracket labelled 'end of week treats' as far as we're concerned. Perhaps we need to review this ranking, because although Printers' sandwiches are good, pricewise they're on a par with the competition.

Freshness is one of their key qualities and it's apparent not just in the ingredients, but in the bread. There's also no end of different combinations on the menu. This correspondent can heartily recommend the ham, egg, beetroot and salad cream option.

I know what you're thinking, but trust me, this is sandwich of kings. Apparently they also offer salads but when the HEBSC is glaring down from the specials board, it's difficult to resist.

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