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MadForAds - Belfast Telegraph launches new Northern Ireland free listings site





All over Northern Ireland people will be madvertising stuff they no longer need or have room for on www.madforads.co.uk.

Selling your unwanted stuff on www.madforads.co.uk is insanely easy way to make it disappear in a flash. Simply register with MadForAds , write your Madvert and attach a picture and then whack it on our site.

Hey Presto! It'll be gone in 60 seconds. Well maybe not 60 seconds but pretty darn quick!

So if you've got a garage groaning with gear or a shed stuffed with, eh, stuff - but don't be sad, be glad. Go mad for ads . Commenting the Madforads team said “ Mad for Ads is the fun, fast and fast way to sell your stuff so don’t clutter up your roof space, create chaos in your garage or chuck it in your bin whack it on our website to start making some easy money.

There is some crazy stuff on MadforAds already, everything from ferret finders to sweet spots, well rotted horse manure to Belfast Bottled Air, hen pheasants to electric organs – check us out it really is mad.”