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Madforads - where money grows on trees


The madforads money tree

The madforads money tree

The madforads money tree

In the real world we all know money doesn't grow on trees but anything is possible in the world of www.madforads.co.uk - Northern Ireland's new free-to-list, buy and sell website.

Over the past six months a team of specialist horticulturists working in a secret location have been experimenting with Northern Ireland's first money tree.

Using the latest technology developed by the rose growing industry in Holland they have been able to graft £5 notes to the stem of a silver birch tree.

Despite a very cold first two months of the year and the recent snow and ice they are expecting a bumper crop this year.

Traditionally the silver birch buds on the 1 April and the money is expected to be no different.

Master of Madness Big Sam said: " www.madforads.co.uk is based on the ancient science of alchemy taking base metals and turning them into gold, we take people's unwanted stuff and turn it in money.

"Creating the money tree is the next logical step in providing easy money".

The www.madforads.co.uk money tree will be on show tomorrow in Belfast at 1pm - follow the link to find the location www.facebook.com/belfasttelegraph