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Majority of firms continue to invest in marketing despite cuts

A Belfast company has claimed that despite the current economic climate 71% of businesses here are continuing to invest in marketing.

Th!nk Eighty20 said that despite overall budget cuts, firms are adapting traditional strategies and adopting new types of communications to deliver a return on investment.

Julie Roulston, managing director of Th!nk Eighty 20 said that the recession has put businesses under more pressure to justify their budgets.

"With spending becoming more conservative and greater consideration being given to every penny spent, businesses have had to adapt and get smarter with how they market their products or services and as a result a new era of marketing has arisen," she said.

"Unlike previous recessions where marketing activities have dipped due to budget cuts and lack of spending, the explosion of the internet and online marketing tools has resulted in a greater percentage of businesses embracing the phenomena of digital marketing."

"It is now believed that online marketing channels will see more participation in 2011 than 2010 as organisations maximize their budgets by integrating these free and inexpensive tools with traditional marketing strategies."

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