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Majority of staff in Northern Ireland happy in their job

By Clare Weir

More than three-quarters of workers in Northern Ireland feel secure in their job and two-thirds are satisfied in their role, according to a new survey.

The REED Local Salary and Market Insight report polled 1,500 employers and employees across the UK.

However only 17% are confident that the local labour market can create jobs and boost the economy, resulting in a high level of workers looking to move roles (41%) in the next 12 months, which is only just behind the national average of 43%.

Around 63% of employers are concerned over losing talent from their organisation, but only 24% of workers received a payrise in the last 12 months compared to a national average of 32%.

Claire Harvey, regional director at REED, said that with four out of ten workers confident enough to job hunt, this is a positive sign for the market in Northern Ireland.

"This sense of confidence is perhaps borne out of the fact that 76% of workers feel secure in their role, so they feel confident to review job vacancies for other opportunities," she said.

"Interestingly, our data shows that job security is most keenly felt by middle (77%) and senior management (80%), which is encouraging given this group's grasp on the health of their organisation. The mood of the workforce is set from the top, so we may see an even more optimistic outlook in the coming months as this attitude filters through businesses.

"Our research found that the majority of employers continue to have concerns about losing good people from their organisation and, as confidence continues to grow in the labour market, it's vital that businesses review their rewards policies and put the right measures in place to retain and attract talented individuals."

Latest figures show that for the period February-April 2013 the unemployment rate in Northern Ireland fell by 0.6% over the quarter to 7.8%.

May saw a decrease of 200 in the number of people claiming unemployment benefits over the course of the month.

There has also been a fall of 800 in the claimant count over the last four months.

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